Sonarr channel?



does such a thing exist so I can view my Sonarr calendar in PHT?


try this


cheers mate! just got it going. will have a nose this evening.

Jamorin (on the forums) has had one out for quite awhile. Works great (I'm sure the previously mentioned works well too).


First post here.

How do i add it to PLEX?


Full disclosure, I have a WD Mycloud ex2Ultra NAS that I am trying to put this on.


Nevermind…Found this: Credit to TMc1908
In control panel go to Shares tab
Set Up Shares
Press PLUS
add share named plex_conf
Go to Apps tab
Choose Web File Viewer (or install it first by pressing PLUS)
Here’s your magical plex_conf folder with Plex\ Media\ Server/Plug-ins

Then followed instructions from link…trial and error…:slight_smile:
Now looking for more plugins…any suggestions?