Status on Development



Just to give an update on where things stand. I'm currently upgrading a lot of the underlying code within the application this is going to take a while, but many of the libraries I used in the past have been replaced with newer versions, or just aren't maintained any longer. In addition, I've decided to refocus efforts right now just on the Android TV, and Fire TV portions of the applications. This means that the tablet support I had in the past will go away in 2.0.0 and eventually come back, but TV support is what I've always tried to make work well within the application.

If you want to track the progress of 2.0.0, you can see the issues that I have scheduled to be addressed at the following link. All existing paying customers should get the 2.0.0 version for free when it released through the Play Store and the Amazon App store. As always Milestone releases will be available for free as well from the project's website.

My big push is to add support for the Emby Media Server as well as equivalent functionality for Plex Media Server where they cross over in functionality.

From the Plex side of things, this means adding the following:

  • Multi-User Login support
  • Secure Login Support
  • My Plex/Plex Pass login support
  • Universal Transcoding (no need to use an external player to play back videos).

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to get the code in shape to support these features, but I think the effort will be worth it going forward. I still wish Plex provided a true java SDK client like Emby does. As it would make this whole process a little easier.

Anyways, keep an eye out in this forum, when I have new versions to test, I'll post the updates here.


Milestone 2.0.0 issues and status can be found here:


I still miss using my Plex server... paid for the Plex pass agaes ago, tried plex app on Minix boxes, and later the official Plex for Kodi addon... due to Plex client software being so hopeless...

Now I use Xbmc for Minix ( the official minix kodi fork) but I STILL keep my Serenity app at versino 1.9.4 and it STILL WORKS ....

I noticed there was aPlex update on my minix u1... so though to gove it a try again. oh, the humanity. no, of cpurse it d 't play an hevc video codec with eac3 audio... but more crappily it even failed to play files that worked previosuly of atandard x264 variety. Jaysus.
The Kodi Plex add-on? Borked too....

so... disconnect my Plex server from my email account so Serenity can connect... and LO, anapp that was last updated how long ago? - Yes, Serenity and Mx player worked perfect
y, srt subtitles, hevc, eac3, the lot.
How can the plex people screw it up so consistently?

Anwya... I would happily pay againfor your version 2 - with full mx player (dts, hevc, eac3, etc etc) support. Seriously. ( it boggles my mind why Plex don't actively encourage use of an exteranl player that is built by a company expressly for that purpose and so will always support and playback better than half assed side project built by people who should be concentratong on their SERVER and CLIENT...) .

ps get Serenity with built in mxplayer or vlc ( or external play to them ) on an apple tv and you'd surely have the ultimate ( although seems the atv has issues with 24fps...)


Great project, I'll make sure I test the version and report back my experience. Thx a lot!


2.0.0-M3 is out, I'll post the link in another message.