Stop photos from cropping



When I view photos in the web client, the sides are cropped so that the image looks like a square. If I view the same image using the Home Theater app this does not happen. I have a library full of nice desktop-sized photos that I'd like to randomly use but the cropping is horrible. Is there any way to modify this behavior?


I have a similar issue with cropping, but mine are super wide! Plex is taking 4896 x 3264 images in RAF format and turning them into 17664 x 4952 JPEGs cropped to the middle of the image. And before I updated to for the timeline change hoping it might fix this issue, I had square thumbnails that showed more of the image than the full screen cropped version. What is going on with our photo libraries and is there any way to modify this behavior?


Yes, I have the same issue. I just installed and configured the ComicReader channel, which is great, BTW, but when it displays all the individual pages on the comics it crops them to square. This is the Web App, so I assume the same thing that's happening to your photos is happening to these comic book pages. The ComicReader channel is categorized under Photos, so it makes sense it's the same photo viewer bug.

Anyone have any updates? I haven't been able to find any setting on the server or client to address this.


Odd, it doesn't do this for me. I see all my photos full-frame. I'm not aware of any setting for this. What browser are you using? What version of Plex Web and Plex Server?


I just checked again today and it appears that it's now working as expected. I don't know if an update resolved the issue or what exactly it was. Just FYI, I'm using the latest version of Plex web, Server, and Firefox.


I still have the square cropping problem. on the desktop machine running plex server (my main computer), I've used chrome and firefox:

plex server: (up to date)
plex web: 3.2.1

chrome browser: 58.0.3029.81
firefox browser: 52.0.2

then I tried it on a chromebox on my home network and got the same square cropping:
from chrome OS:
version 57.0.2987.146 (64-bit)
platform: 9202.64.0 (Official Build) stable-channel zako
Firmware Google_Zako.5219.30.0

the roku in the living room does not have the problem. the image is perfectly displayed with no cropping (however it's a portrait image on a landscaped TV with lots of wasted space on the sides), but I can't read the small print in comics from the sofa ;-)

I'm attaching a screenshot of the square cropping from the chrome browser on my desktop/plex server.


Also, this may be totally unrelated, but on the chromebox I could not view any images at all when logged into and have it redirect to my home server. it would list the gallery of pics, but when you tried to view one, the URL used to display the individual images (comic book pages) was listed as 'app.html' and would not open. I manually put in the home LAN IP address of the server and bypassed the plex site, and it worked just fine pointing each page in the gallery to the URL, 'index.html' instead. why would the redirect coming from Plex's server's point to a different URL? is this expected behavior? sorry, probably totally unrelated the to the cropping problem above, but it probably means that even if the cropping problem is fixed I'll have to manually point each client to my home machine's IP address, inside or outside the LAN, rather than log in to and have them forward for me, which would defeat their convenience.


I don't have a clue about the 'app.html' issue, sorry.

I have no idea why you're getting cropped images, either. I've never seen that.

As for "...a portrait image on a landscaped TV with lots of wasted space on the sides," I'm sure you can see that, if the aspect ratio of the image doesn't match your TV, you can either show the entire image with the 'wasted space' on the sides (or top, for landscape images), or you can zoom to fill the screen, and lose some of the image. The only way to fill the screen and see the entire image would be to distort the image.


yes, thanks, sorry, I should have been more clear about the Roku/TV. I was merely lamenting the fact that my display was landscape and I was viewing portrait images on it ;-)

what started all this was that in my office I have a chromebox lying around and an old 4:3, 17" monitor that pivots. it sits mostly unused next to my main desktop PC. I figured I could throw up some comics on it on the side just for fun, and rotated the monitor and the display to portrait for easier reading. that's what led me to serving comics through Plex and this cropping issue...

thanks for chiming in, but too bad no one seems to know about this cropping issue. I'm out of ideas. I wonder how many, if any, more people it affects.


Anybody experiencing this, if you could share a copy of the file, we will take a look. Also please mention which PMS you are using and which client. I'm not currently able to reproduce this with PMS 1.5.6 on Windows using the local PlexWeb as well as the hosted version Version 3.6.0.


I'm aware that this issue can occur for photo channels. Is this library content? Has the library scan completed? If you can reproduce this, XML for the photo album containing those items would be much appreciated!


Here's one of the files (.RAF, fujifilm raw format) I'm experiencing this issue with and some screenshots of the results I'm seeing. This is from a fully scanned library on PMS via the docker image (

Here's some screenshots of what I see in the browser (Firefox and Chrome):


So the problem is just the thumbnails? Not when viewing the image?

The image @manceplex had above appeared to be on the full image.


@MovieFan.Plex said:
So the problem is just the thumbnails? Not when viewing the image?

My issue seems to be with both. I updated to the photo timeline hoping it might fix this but the problem is still there and worse because the strange cropping is shown in both views. At least in the old photo library view, I had square thumbnails that showed more of the image vertically than the cropped full image view.

Check out the screenshots I linked above and the raw file I uploaded. The raw file is 4896 x 3264 but the screenshots show a dimension of 17664 x 4952. So the cropped version is actually over 360% larger than the original. That makes me wonder if DPI is a factor in this issue? These images are also 300DPI so maybe a conversion to 72DPI is partially to blame?


I'm able to recreate the problem using your file. I've forwarded the info to the devs.


Thank you for digging into this one MovieFan.Plex! I appreciate your effort and hope a solution is found. Do you have a bug tracker link for this issue?


We do not have a public bug tracker. I'll update here when I have news. Feel free to bump this every so often.


is there any update on this cropping issue? I'm getting it too in the Web app photo viewer, but not in a Roku or Samsung Smart TV Plex app.


Bump, bump!


I'm still experiencing this problem as well.


Sorry, not update on this yet.