Strange Decode Errors on some movies recently



Hi guys,

maybe you could help me out on this one. I got some strange Decode Errors on only some of my movies recently.
I cant really say what seems to be the problem here, because i never changed settings since my pkc setup was running smoothly.

I paste the Logfile here:

Hope someone can help me sort the problem out.

Thx in advance


Can you be more specific? Do some movies and/or episodes fail to play? Or do you just have some errors in the log, which doesn't matter at all?


The playback is stuttering like crazy. As I mentioned, it only appears on some of my movies. Others just work fine as always.

Thought it could be a problem with some Audio Setting but im not quite sure...


Well something is definitely off, but it's either Kodi or the PMS. You have many of these errors, as you probably already noticed:

ERROR: CVideoPlayerAudio::DecodeFrame - Decode Error. Skipping audio packet (-1094995529)
ERROR: Previous line repeats 27 times.

So yes it looks like it's a Kodi audio setting if you did not change anything on the PMS side.

Background: PlexKodiConnect passes the video and audio files along for Kodi to play. It is not involved in playback at all.


If you google these error messages you can also come to the conclusion that the video file in question is broken ( Do other Plex clients work with the SAME "broken" video? If yes, are they direct streaming? Or "just" transcoding?