subtitles delay




I don't understand why the implémentation of subtiles delay option isn't possible on my plex. I have search everywhere and don't find the awser.

All player are doing this. This is the basic used tool. Impossible to correctly use my library without this.

Someone have an idea on it ?




Nobody as an anwser ?


Plex uses the default Android media player, which doesn't support this feature. Unless Plex is willing to roll its own media player (something like a VLC wrapper) it's up to android to support this.

But I feel you, subtitle support is great on all platforms and players, except for Plex, which can't seem to offer decent subtitle support on ANY platform or player. Even in Plex for Kodi they managed to make the subtitles worse!



Ok, so desperate final.
No one have a little idea ? a plugin maybe ? something ?

I am realy the only one who have a probleme with subtitle ?