Sync Client for Desktop Players to sync ratings and playlists



Like many others I am a little bit annoyed about not being able to import the ratings I have assigned to my music tracks and my playlists into Plex. I want to build a simple commandline tool that interfaces with raw files / coding interfaces of popular players / directly reads the databases of these players and synchronizes them with the music library of a Plex user.

I have already started working on this in this repository, mainly relying on the on-official Python PlexAPI and the MediaMonkey COM interface on Windows. However it should be extensible to other players as well easily.
Currently I am able to interface with MediaMonkey and access track ratings and playlists. Also I can read the ratings of tracks from a PMS.

Help needed
I could need a hand in this in several regards
* get support from the Plex team on how to use the API of a PMS to change ratings and create new playlists.
* how to use the API to change content of a user on a server that is not the admin / owner
* other coders who would like to join me on github

I am referencing these feature requests:
* [Feature Request] Import Music MP3 Ratings From Files ID3 tags
* Import playlists and rating from MEDIA MONKEY?
* Music Metadata Syncronisation
* [Feature request] Plexamp: Read / write star ratings to ID3v1, ID3v2 tags
* Playlist management like iTunes

And more general complaints / requests:
* iTunes ratings - give up on it now?


The first working prototype is ready: plex sync v0.1
Try it out on your own risk and submit any issues you find to the respective github issue page. Any help, contributions, etc. are very welcome :smile:


with version plex sync v0.3 I finished a more robust version that also includes playlist synchronization. Any further contributions are more than welcome :smile:


Hello, I’m brand new to Plex and this is exactly what I’m looking to do. Do you have instructions on how I can use this? Thanks


I just have updated the readme file in the GitHub repository. I hope this will explain how to use the sync tool. If the instructions do not lead you to the expected result, read about installing Python 3.6 and how to use pip.