TV antenna placement



Hi all, i'm a new owner of the Hdhomerun Connect unit and i'm happy with its performance so far, but not too happy with my antenna unfortunately. Before i bought the Connect, i was using my existing antenna (RCA ANT525) hooked directly into my TV. Whenever i turned my computer pn, it scrambled the picture making in unusable, which is why i bought the Connect so i could move the antenna elsewhere and still have it be available through the network.

Ths interesting thing i'm finding is that when the antenna was downstairs into the TV, i got the local stations plus CBS, NBC, ABC but no FOX. But now that i moved it upstairs pointing out a window, i get more local stations, but only CBS and FOX, but no ABC or NBC. I'm not sure if it's because it's an older antenna (I was given it for free by the in-laws) and i'm not sure if it's uni- or omni-directional. I'm not attached to it so i'm open to suggestions on replacements, like the Mohu Leaf or something else, but i'm in an area where i should be getting all the major new stations without an issue.

So if anyone has suggestions about placement for my existing antenna, or if i should get a different one, i would appreciate it. Thanks


You likely need a more powerful antenna. The Mohu Leaf works great.