User Mode Plex Media Server



plexmediaserver-installer contains an additional systemd unit to help new Linux users to manage PMS on their Linux Desktop. By default, PMS is a global service and uses user plex. Now, it is also possible to let PMS use the Desktop user, e.g. pi. The user can make use of the Desktop Environment tools to manage mount points / network shares / drives / … just like on Windows and Mac.

The plex data is in ~/.plex.

The recommended configuration is the default global PMS service mode. The new user mode is just for Desktop users and users having little Linux experience.

Limitations of the user mode:

  • PMS will stop as soon as the user logs out of the Desktop! Just lock the screen.


# stop global PMS
sudo systemctl stop plexmediaserver
# disable global PMS
sudo systemctl disable plexmediaserver

# start PMS as current user (NO sudo!!!)
systemctl --user start plexmediaserver
# (optional) automatically start PMS on login
systemctl --user enable plexmediaserver