Using a Drobo for storage but MacMini for Plex Server



I used to use my MacMini as a PMS but storage was limited. I've had a Drobo 5N with all my movie content on it but can't transcode on it - (I know all about this as and I've read extensively on the limits of Drobo's and transcoding.)

But can't I get the best of both worlds by having my MacMini transcode my videos but keep my videos on my NAS? Question is, will this even work with a Drobo 5N (only has an ethernet connection)? I'm figuring that I hard-wire my ethernet to my MacMini and connect my Drobo 5N to my router's ethernet. Then when I want to access these videos I connect my MacMini via my LAN to my NAS.

Can anyone tell me if this would work before I change all my hardware around to do this? Will it be fast enough? Also, how difficult is it to setup and use PMS over a LAN?


You just need to mount your drobo as a drive on your mac then the server on your mac will see it like any other drive.


doing the exact same with my Synology (storage) and Linux mini computer (server).
you'll need to take care that the network drive is automatically connected from your mac. to be safe you might want to deactivate auto-emptying Plex' trash... if you do a scan of your server while the storage is offline, this might otherwise remove items from your library (not deleting the actual content). that being said... I never actually had an issue with that.

setup is fairly easy... actually it's not much different from a regular setup. all you do differently is to add a folder from your NAS instead a folder from your local file system when setting up your libraries.


Good to know all this information. My MacMini is an old 2010 with Core 2 Due 2.6 with 8 GB RAM I think. But mostly running direct stream, direct play with occasional transcoding of maybe one movie at a time, so I think this should work.

Things is, I wanted to store all my photos and backups on a central home LAN, so I bought a NAS for that - but lost the transcoding ability. Now thinking of back-stepping to using the MacMini again and keeping my Drobo 5N directly to my router and accessing it through MacMini for PMS.

Yes, good point about libraries over a network. I think I turn auto-updating on them and just do manual updates when I do add some content. I don't do it that much anyways.


transcoding with the 2010 Mac Mini might be a pain... not sure it can take it.