We'll be moving the forums to Discourse! (the TL;DR)



We’re moving our community forums to Discourse in June! After researching and testing several solutions to address the shortcomings of our current forums platform, Discourse became the clear winner. It provides many advantages, including flexibility, configurability, tag-based filtering, and a more modern conversational approach. The new platform is modern, feature-rich, stable, and brisk.


  • Primary transition work is happening in May with the launch expected in the Wednesday, June 20 to Thursday, June 21.
  • Features galore! We’ve detailed some of the new features we’re excited about below, but here’s a recap:
    • Flexible posting drawer: The auto-saving drawer lets you reply to a thread while reading, referencing, or quoting another topic. See who is typing in real-time and load replies (and their edits) dynamically even as you write, without refreshing. Get a real-time preview of your formatting, too.
    • Dynamic thread reading: No pagination, replies load dynamically as you scroll. A timeline slider lets you jump to a specific moment in time, or to the end. The URL is coded with your exact location in case you want to share or reference a specific reply or a place in time in the discussion. It’s brisk!
    • Topic details at a glance: An expandable drawer shows thread stats, community participation, and a roundup of the links posted in the replies.
    • Control over notifications: Granular control over how you are notified for subscribed topics, categories, and tags, with different options clearly explained.
    • Smart search: More relevant results in less time using a combination of search terms, categories, and tags to refine results in one step.
    • Forum usernames: We’ll be separating the forum user identity from your regular Plex account. Effectively, this means that you’ll have a separate “forum username” in additional to what you may already have been using with your Plex account (and thus in the existing forums). You’ll be able to see and edit your forum username upon first login to the new forums. Discourse has stricter username requirements, that include not allowing emails, special characters, or spaces.