Whats wrong with my bbc



BBC iplayer now starts up what ever I want to watch then 2 seconds later a small pause speech bubble appears bottom left and thats as far as I get.

I know this stuff is free ad I really do appreciate it, but all these updates, its like things get broke as quick as they are fixed. It was working before.



If you choose to use beta software (i.e. unfinished & sometimes unstable), you should expect problems sometimes. Versions of Plex before 0.7.14 were incapable of pausing iPlayer videos. Pausing now works, but a small bug is causing videos to pause when they begin. If you press play on your remote or space on the keyboard, playback will resume.


iBBC does not work for me either. Looks like it's because I'm in the US and iBBC is blocking any IP addresses outside of the UK. Anyone know a way around this?


Yep - there are numerous discussions on the forums about using VPNs or proxies to get around this precise problem. The upshot of the way these solutions all work is by presenting your apparent location to the website in question as something other than where you actually are (ie, in the catchment area for where the service is actually allowed).

There is some mechanism on the way to the App store that will warn you about what regions a particular plugin will work in, but it isn't in place yet.


if you let the program start a little then hit left arrow to rewind it to the beginning

the PAUSE box goes away

well it does for me