When will PMS ver. 1.11.2 for WD NAS released?



Hey everyone,

I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I would like to know when will PLEX release a new version (1.11.2.*) of PMS for WD NAS? As of now PMS is not working with Samsung Smart TV Plex app 3.2.2 without converting videos that have SRT subtitles.


1.11.2 is available on https://www.plex.tv/download for download – however you’ll require a Plex Pass to access it (still a beta release). if it’s same as for Synology, the package available in the WD SW Center is part of the public update channel (latest public release is still 1.10.x).


Thanks tom80H.

If it is already available for Plex Pass users, hopefully, the rest of us will get it soon.


you can set the following thread as a favorite so you get notified if there’s a new release (not just in the server/apps).