Where are my Watch Later Videos on Plex for PS4?



I feel really silly for asking this, but I can't find where my Watch Later videos are within the PS4 app. I can find them through the web interface, but the side menu on the PS4 only seems to have Movies, TV and Channels. I've found several posts about the functionality of the playback being a bit off on the PS4, but they seem to reference it showing up. Did an update remove Watch Later from the PS4 interface and I just can't find it? I'd love some feedback, thanks!


I'd like to know this, too. It used to be there (on the home menu, I think), now it's not. Restarted Server and Client, added new videos to the Queue, but they don't show up anymore.
Plex Server Version 3.44.1
Plex PS4 Client Version 3.13.13

Edit: The next day I open Plex the Watch Later Queue is at the Home screen, as if was never gone. Can't even reproduce the problem myself now. :smiley: