will rasplex bitstream atmos?



Hi all,
I am currently running rasplex on a pi2. Even though I know my amp supports true HD audio and master HD audio etc I am finding that whereas when running plex through other devices the amp would display as receiving and outputting True HD signal etc however it doesnt when playing movies via rasplex. As a result I suspect I am not getting the best sound my files have available , how do I ensure I have the correct settings on the Pi2 and within rasplex and fix it so that the amp displays the audio signal being processed. Which brings me to my second point, I am looking to upgrade to an atmos setup shortly and am concerned as to whether rasplex will be able to output in the format required for the amp to detect and utilise the atmos soundtrack, can anyone advise whether they have properly detected and executed atmos playback via rasplex.

Any help and advice appreciated, thanks in advance.


Both the RPi1 and 2 only support bitstreaming up to Dolby 5.1 and DTS5.1 (aka DTS Core), the rest either have to be transcoded by Plex Media Server or decoded locally (RPi2 only, needs a lot of CPU power) and streamed as PCM.

So no DTS-HD, TrueHD or Atmos stuff will bitstream.


Next release will bitstream DTS-HD MA to 7.1



No, it will not bitstream DTS-HD 7.1, it will decode it and stream a 7.1 PCM stream if you have an RPi2 and configure it to do software decoding of DTS-HD.


I need some clarity in this question. Will it bitstream dts hd and true hd to my amp in the future? or will it decode and output pcm stream?

I have a Pi2 now that I like, but I look forward to play the HD audio.


Sorry for the confusion.

The next release will have support for libdcadec to decode DTS-HD MA to 8 channel LPCM and dca-ma is added as a known audio codec.

For info, theora, vp6, vp8 and vp6f have also been added to known codecs

I have played test files with TrueHD, Atmos and DTS-HD MA in 7.1 whilst testing.



when will the new version come out? Do you need any beta testers?


When's it's ready ;;)



OpenPHT w/ Odroid C2 handles Dolby Atmos with no problem. Heck, my old Lenovo box (2.6GHz Pentium dual-core, 4GB RAM, a 60GB SSD, and a 1GB video card with HDMI) dishes out Dolby Atmos all day and direct plays every one of my files.