Working with inline Collections


The new collections feature is only available starting with PlexWeb 3.32.2, which at the time of this writing is only available via The locally hosted version that comes with PMS will be updated in a future PMS release.

Also requires server version at least if you already updated before feature went live you may need to restart server.

It’s possible to “collapse” collections for TV and movie (including “Other Videos”) libraries so that an entry for the collection appears when browsing your library. When enabled, these “inline collections” will only appear when the library is sorted by Title/Name. For TV libraries, it applies only to shows and not episodes or seasons.

You can view just collections if you would like in the library

You control whether and how these “inline collections” appear on a per-library basis, using an advanced library setting.

Setting options:

  • Disabled: Don’t display collections inline at all.
  • Hide items which are in collections: If an item belongs to a collection, do not show the item in the main library when browsing. Entries for collections are shown inline.
  • Show collections and their items: Entries for collections are shown inline and items belonging to a collection also still appear in the main library when browsing.

#Where did all these extra collections come from? I didn’t add them.

You may have collection tagging from The Movie Database enabled for your library. This may cause many unwanted collections having been automatically created.

#Turning off collection info from TheMovieDB

Disable Use collection info from The Movie Database in the server metadata agent settings for Plex Movie and The Movie Database preferences. This will only prevent the tag getting automatically added to items you add to your library in the future. It will not remove collections from existing library items.

Related support page on metadata agent settings:

#Why are there collections with zero items? I thought I removed all the tags

You will find after removing all the collection tags from items, the collapsed collection item remains with zero items in it. These are kept because you might have done some custom editing of the collection itself, like adding posters and such (described briefly below) and we don’t want to just get rid of it in case you want to add other things to it. You might find yourself doing this, especially the first time using the feature and renaming collection tags on items. If you want to get rid of an empty collection, delete it as described below.

#Deleting a collection

  1. Enable “Allow Media Deletion” in your servers library settings.
  2. Delete the collection by clicking on the ... menu and choosing Delete.
  3. This will not delete the items in the collection. It will remove the collection tag from the corresponding items.

Also like other media items only the admin of the server can delete them.

#Customize a Collection

After creating a collection you will notice the collapsed collection has a poster with up to 4 images from collection items. You can edit the collection’s own metadata to add a custom poster, a summary, a background image (fanart), and decide if it will be ordered by release date or alphabetical.

#Name collections in different library types the same to relate them

If a TV show, Movie (or Music Album) have the same collection tag, then the same collection from other library types will show as related.