XBONE - Adding/Removing items to/from playlists - Creating new playlists



Hi guys, long time Plex user.

Multi-room we are using an XBONE as well as a Mac mini runing the macOS client.

When the XBONE UX/UI switched to the new Plex Media Player look and feel last year it appears that some playlist manipulation functionality disappeared. Whilst music was playing in the context menu/browsing tracks in an album you were able to add the track to an existing playlist or opt to create a new one.

Are there plans to bring this behavior back ? its a real pain to have to go back to the media server web-based UI to add a track to a playlist as it kills the experience somwhat.


(ex-Flickr plugin creator - if I get some time I'll maybe re-visit this and get it working with Flickr's new OAUTH requirements).