xbox one app update please



its been two years and the player is so far behind


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Even though the last update was ten months ago, the developers are actively working on a major app update. Unfortunately, beyond that information there is nothing else that can be released about the time table or what the update includes only that it is coming.


Is there anyway to get on the list to test the beta app?


@mbarylski said:
Is there anyway to get on the list to test the beta app?

I have forwarded on the communities interest in joining an open beta test for the app. However, at this time there isn't a beta open (for what it's worth I myself am not a part of the current testing branch either, so I do keep bugging them for more updates ), but I was assured that if that does change the developers will make a post on the Xbox One forums with instructions on how to apply.


Hopefully we get some news soon, as stated its been very quiet on the topic for a long time. Would like to join the Beta when it becomes available!

Does the Plex app send usage stats back to the devs? would be cool to know how many hours of content XBO users have consumed/watched using the XBO Plex app.


I am sure we will get the UWP Windows app at some point. The current Xbox app is dead.

Problem is that the UWP has also been dead since around April .... so we can only hope they are working internally on the app and will release the update than simultainiously for Windows and XBox.


The update will probably arrive once PMP2 has been officially released, as will new apps for the Roku, Fire TV, PS4, Smart TV etc as all these apps including the Xbox have the same UI.


I'm so desperate for an update to this... it's my main plex client and the whole reason I signed up for Plex Pass...