A bug in the new DVD Order feature?


I'm having difficulties with a particular scenario using the new "DVD order" feature. I'll take one example, a double episode in Season 3 of Seinfeld.

The double-episode "The Boyfriend" is listed as Episodes 17 and 18 of Season 3 in "aired order", and when the file is named using S03E17-E18, it shows up correctly. However, in DVD order (as Seinfeld should be sorted), it's listed as episodes 15.1 and 15.2 of season 3. I've tried S03E15, S03E15-E16, and S03E15.1-E15.2, none of these produce a match of any sort. Is there a correct format that I haven't stumbled on? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug that needs addressing in the new DVD order feature?


The problem is with the DVD and how they are numbered there.

The only way to add them to Plex is like so:

Seinfeld - S03E15 - The Boyfriend (1).mp4
Seinfeld - S03E15 - The Boyfriend (2).mp4

Plex will group them together as indicated by the number in the blue oval shown on the 'poster' of the episode. Plex should automatically play (1) then (2) when you are watching them, but there is no way to select them individually other than Fast Forwarding through (1) to get to (2).

Technically speaking, this is the correct way of doing it, since 15.1 and 15.2 are two parts of the same episode. In other words, there is only one episode 15, it just happens to be in two parts.

You can thank whoever put the DVD together for that and it's not something that Plex can correct unfortunately.


Thanks for the reply, but it doesn't address my issue. I'll try to explain more clearly.

The "double episode" is actually already one single file. But, when I name it "Seinfeld - S03E15 - The Boyfriend.mp4" in DVD Order mode, it doesn't find a match. All other (non-double) episodes are matched with no problems. I was assuming that the reason is that technically there's no "Episode 15" in the DVD Order, only a 15.1 and a 15.2.

I expect that you can duplicate the problem by taking any video you have and renaming it as "Seinfeld\Season 03\Seinfeld - S03E15 - The Boyfriend.mp4", and attempting to add it to Plex in "DVD Order" mode. If it works for you then I'm missing something.


Just to add a little more information, I find the following line in the logs when I do exactly what I just outlined above:

(4844) : INFO (logkit:16) - No media for season 3 episode 15.1 - skipping population of episode data

I see the exact same line when I try naming the file "Seinfeld - S03E15.1 - The Boyfriend.mp4", which seemed to be the next obvious thing to try.


I stand corrected, I tried to add the show in a test library and it would not match the DVD order for S03E15 at all, no matter what name I used.

I can only advise you to switch back to the sort by date aired for this show if you want to get a match for that episode. Otherwise, you will have to live without a match.

I would say the issue is with the period delimiter in the episode name, Plex is stripping that out and then trying to match on episode 151 or 152 and of course, no such episode exists and episode 15 does not exist either. I tried that with the file name also, but no match.

I'm not sure that could be corrected without a lot of additional coding either.

I will alert the devs to that issue though.


Thank you very much for your efforts. I'll rename things back to aired order for now and hope for a fix from the devs when they're able to :).


Would love to find out if there's been any update to this scenario? I'm having the exact same issues with the seinfeld box set and don't want to have them listed in air date order, as this was wildly out of joke setup order, hence the correct dvd order (much like firefly). The way tvdb is listing double episodes is a bummer.


Seinfeld does not have the same naming issue as Firefly.

If you mean you have a single file that contains both episodes (1) & (2) then simply name the file as episode (1) and do not include episode (2). That will leave a gap in the listing, but it will also prevent you from watching the same episodes twice, assuming you watch the episodes in sequence.

If you have two files, episodes (1) & (2) then name them correctly and you wont have an issue.

Edit: You should also turn on DVD order by opening the Seinfeld series in Plex and then click on the 'pencil' icon on the task bar, then click on advanced in the edit dialogue (bottom left) and change the Episode ordering to DVD Order.


@trumpy81 said:
I will alert the devs to that issue though.

Did you get any feedback on this? I'm hitting similar problems with some kids TV shows. Doc McStuffins (and Paw Patrol etc) have usually (but not always) have 2 'stories' per episode. DVD order on TVDB shows this more sensibly named as .1 and .2, but I can't get Plex to read it no matter what I name the file (example is e10 below). 1 story per episode shows up fine though (example is e11 below).


Doc McStuffins - s02e10 - Professor Pancake - You Crack Me Up .mp4
Doc McStuffins - s02e11 - A Very McStuffins Christmas.mp4
DVD Order:
2 x 10.1 Professor Pancake
2 x 10.2 You Crack Me Up

2 x 11.0 A Very McStuffins Christmas
Aired Order for comparison:
2 x 19 Professor Pancake
2 x 20 You Crack Me Up
2 x 21 A Very McStuffins Christmas
Plex shows:
Episode 10, Episode 10
A Very McStuffins Christmas, Episode 11
The thumbnail for 10 is not the one from tvdb, but the one for 11 is.

I don't want to rename to e.g. s02e19e20 because this shows the same file twice and means it repeats when playing a season.

Like svensayshi, I've tried with and without the . e.g. 10.1 and 101 and I've also tried (1) and (1)(2) etc.


The correct syntax is 'S02E19-E20'

Regardless... if you want this to work with TVDB you MUST name it like TVDB names it no matter if you use Air Date or DVD order. That's all there is to it.

Most of us abandon Plex entirely with stacked episodes due to Plex's World Famous mishandling of same - simply skipping the stack and moving on to the next episode in the sequence - editing the description if your OCD requires it:

.... S02E19... <--- edit description if OCD rears it's ugly head - Plex can't mishandle what it can't see.


Unfortunately, trying to get Plex to follow the DVD order for that show is impossible as Plex does not respect episode numbers with . anything in them. That is the issue with Seinfeld etc...

Your best bet would be to rename to the aired date format or live with the horrible results of DVD order, neither of which is ideal of course.

The only other solution would be to go to the TVDB and re-enter that series using correct whole numbering instead of the horrible x.x numbering system that has been used there.


Looks like TVDB has locked the x.x numbering system for TV series sitewide so editing the TVDB series numbers isn't an option. In their naming strategy FAQ it lists using the x.x scheme as a requirement and for existing shows (ie: Seinfeld) it's completely locked.



So has still not been fixed on Plex’s end? Is there something I can do to prioritize this particular bugfix, like upvoting it somewhere? I’d sure like my Seinfeld to be in the correct (DVD) order…


Philp K. Dick’s Electric Dreams released on TV… TVDB listed them as they aired. Cool, cool.

Amazon Prime starts showing them - ALL OUT OF WHACK!
Some users are going to be here bitching and moaning because the order is all messed up.

The moral of this story is that the aired order TVDB uses IS THE ORDER. Period. Even if it’s wrong.
Once you get your head wrapped around that you life takes an upward turn.
Firefly was, apparently, important enough to users - so that it was made right.
Seinfeld, apparently, ain’t that high on the list of things that need fixing - even though it is a fine show. I don’t think it matters that much to the comedy in what order they play.



FWIW, the order does matter for Seinfeld because some episodes refer back to events in previous episodes, and on occasion if they are out of order - as they were when aired - it spoils the joke.


Well, go plead your case at TVDB - join up and take the time to create the proper DVD order.


Used the supplied aired order and try to deal with it the best you can.


Just for everyone’s amusement, I registered with TheTVDB forum and shared the issue (since the Seinfeld page itself is locked and can’t be edited directly), even attaching a picture of my DVD case as evidence that the episodes in question have distinct numbers (as per their forum policy when requesting changes to locked pages). Their response:

“This is a problem you will have to take up with PLEX using decimals to combine episodes in the DVD order has long been a published part of our API”


Yea… hilarious…
I doubt we’ll get Plex entering the thread to deny, aiming the blame back at TVDB.

Plex’s track record on bad ideas is well established while dealing with TVDB’s API.