A new life for PlexConnect



The "PlexConnect creators" are not developping the product anymore. But I have their permission to apply changes to https://github.com/iBaa/PlexConnect, which is the main repo. I intend to use this power in the following ways:

  1. Apply changes already developed by the community so that all users can benefit from them
  2. Help developers with new functionalities (I am not a developer myself, but I have access to Plex developers and documentation)

Regular users should use stable releases, as published here. Users willing to test development versions can download them from here.

At the moment of writing the stable releases/versions are:
1. Plex Media Server
2. PlexConnect V0.6


Great!!! I'll follow you with a smile on my face. Good luck.
Hoping the news.


Great to hear, i made some YouTube videos back in the day for PlexConnect and would love to see it make a comeback.


Glad you've taken up the cause moody. Been using plexconnect for about as long as it's been around. In my mind, it's the Gold Standard in UI that Plex should have followed when they introduced their plexapp for the atv4. Since its appearance that app has continued to be riddled with flaws. UI sucks IMO as well. I bought the atv4 in anticipation of great things but quickly learned otherwise. So it sits, relegated to only performing hub service for HomeKit. The two atv3's in the house are happily (mostly) running plexconnect and everyone enjoys watching movies which now are over 600. re:"mostly" believe its an apple problem though, every once in a while things start acting up. Tell tale sign is not seeing all the thumbs for movies etc... restarting the atv3 usually resolves the matter which leads me to believe its atv3 & network related.

Long Live Plexconnect !!! ...thanks to moody_blue :wink:


@mschlotz Glad to hear that you are around. Are you available to test latest changes ? One of my challenges is that Baa had a "legion" of testers, I don't need so many, but I need some.


Haven't done much testing. Currently don't have an environment available to play with, only my live working one which I better not screw up - wifey thing :) Having said that, I still might be able to if I can get comfortable with a process to save and go back to the working state with 100% confidence.


Still keeping my eye in here. It's been working flawlessly for me, until today, suddenly half my content stopped playing. Might be MKV files. was there any major changes to PMS regarding how content is played?


good news! I'm ready to test it