Adding digital music to my existing stereo. Am I on the right track?



So, I have old stereo equipment that I love. Still listen to records, tapes etc. Want to incorporate airplay, wifi, Plex music into the system. I also have modern equipment that does this but still want to try this. I found these instructions on
which gives me the basic set up for bluetooth/airplay with a basic rasberry pie. Would like to incorporate Plex music.
Can it be done to automatically connect when the unit turns on and control it through my Iphone? I will play it through the aux inputs on the integrated amp.


never mind I found another post that is doing what I want to do.


the problem you have there is that the headphone jack on the RPi is garbage and you should use something like a hifiberry

and if you have to buy all that you might better get a chromecast audio and use if with plex, spotify or whatever


What kind of fidelity is produced by Chromecast audio? All my files are either Flac or Apple Lossless and I really don’t want my chromecast dangling off the back of my Luxman amp. Yes I have considered the hifibery with RCA out as an additional purchase. I’m willing to spend the money for an elegant, invisible solution. I will incorporate it into my system into an existing Luxman equalizer box. the only thing one would see is the 2 RCA and power outputs out the back. I will plug it into Aux on my integrated amp.


I dont have one, but I know that it even supports toslink out of the box and can direct play flac files from plex


Quality of the CC audio is decent. We are talking about the product named “Chromecast Audio”, not the regular “Chromecast”.
You can only top its audio quality with much pricier products.


so, I am intrigue with Chromecast Audio and it is quite inexpensive. Looked on the Chromecast board and didn’t see anything specifically for audio. Can anyone give me that link?


What Chromecast board?


Home /Chromcast Posts.


In the plex chromecast forums you can find some happy customers

From what I understand the insides of the chromecast audio are the same from the regular chromecast. so it supports the same codecs (which makes sense), you are just changing hdmi for a mini toslink + audio jack.

I love my RPi and tinkering things, but for this set up I think a CCA its by far a better deal and you wont be stuck to just using Plex. Once you add the price of the RPi, the SD, the case the hifiberry, the power supply, it becomes expensive and restrictive.


If you use several CCA, you can already do “multi-room” audio.
Something which isn’t possible in other Plex clients.


I’m sold! Ordering one today. :slight_smile:


good to know

you can probably setup the full house with CCA at the price of one rpi+hifiberry route