Alter the name showing up after scanning



didn´t know how to describe the issue better in the topic...

i´d like to scan some enigma2 files for plex; did that a while with the enigma2 scanner, but i don´t really want to grab data from a movie database as its ineffective and takes a lot of time. So i decided to alter the scanner to pass the original name:
20140528 2335 - WDR HD Duisburg - Der Fahnder (57)
Der Fahnder (57) - 28/05/2014 23:35 - WDR HD Duisburg
wich works well but:

if I choose the Plex Movie Agent it takes endlesssly to finish with high load on the Enigma box and the filenames stay the way i want them to
if I choose Personal Media Agent it finishes really quick but renames all files to their original names.

Is there any way to maybe alter an agent to not search for movie data and just keep the name that is passed by the scanner?

THX in advance
this is really driving me nuts



The title need to be provided by the scanner first
for tv series agent, if you don't update the series title within the agent it updates nothing. I recon it is the same for movies, therefore, you need an agent that doesn't match the movie as if you match the movie, you need to modify the title to save the info so the other fields provided by the agent are saved.


The title is provided by the custom scanner, i just don´t want the agent to do anything, just pass the title without searching for anything. thought i could change one of the plex agents, but as im not a coder i didnt even find the place to look for the agents or code to edit!


Did you try looking at my signature to start? Pretty sure there is a link to my agent
You have an empty agent here:


Sorry, did that today. I found another agent for vdr files wich is pretty much what i need. I´ll see if I can manage to build something for my needs with your template file.