Announcing MetaNow!



Hi all,

I wanted to announce the launch of PSB Desk’s Extension: MetaNow.

MetaNow gives you an Overview of the currently playing Movie in Plex and some more Players right above your Movie and right where you are at any time you want it!

For this purpose, it uses the Informations tagged by Plex Server to know the right Movie you are watching, and will offer you an extended Overview about this Movie with a full Cast.

The Cast: The Cast gives you an overview about any Actor/Actress with their Role Names for easier research, this may be not so informative at the first look, but in today’s CGI heave world it’s sometimes hard to know who is who, or did you know that Guardians of the Galaxy’s Actress for Nebula is the same who acts in Jumanji, welcome to the Jungle (The red haired Woman), well with MetaNow it’s easy, hover your Mouse over aCast Member to see its Role Name, click at her/him to get a Biopic overview about this Person and their full Filmography, so you will quickly know, will she/he star in the upcoming Sequels as well if announced.

MetaNow will give you also some Plex web Server exclusive Informations about the particular Media you are watching if this is of interest for you…

You can trigger MetaNow by a Shortcut or better and easier by a Hot Corner, simply touch a Corner of your Screen and that’s it, MetaNow appears, you can even search and extend you Overview if desired to lookup other Movies or Actors/Directors and research more.
MetaNow is only active if Plex is in FullScreen Mode to not disturb you elsewhere

And as mentioned before, everything happens right in the current Spot, you stay on your Movie, you don’t even need to pause if you donÄt want to to see a Movie Rating or year it was released quickly…

MetaNow is not a separate App, it 's part of PCB Desk, which offers you a lot more for Movie/ TV Junkies ^^

Check it out here:


Another Sneak Peak for TV Shows support for MetaNow:


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