Anyone experiencing Plexamp stutter when playing FLAC audio?


I'm totally loving the new Plexamp, thanks so much! It takes me back to years gone by when I used Winamp on my Windows boxes.

I have noticed some issues when playing FLAC audio, so decided I'd drop a note here. When playing a FLAC file, the audio will generally begin to stutter at around 10-20 seconds into the track (perhaps a buffering issue?). I experience no issues when playing back MP3 or AAC.

It's a normal 16/44.1KHz audio file using compression level 8, running this on Ubuntu 17.10.



Nothing known, is the file remote? Limited bandwidth to it?


Im having the same issues with flac playback when accessing remotely (ogg/mp3 work fine)

running on fedora 26

nethogs is reporting only uploading 13.637KB/sec out of a total 35.278KB/s up with nothing else being streamed from plex

using both the webplayer/win10 client the upload quite happily sits at 307.709KB/sec when playing back the same file, will test plexamp locally when i get home tonight


I am having the same issue. The music will jump forwards or backwards by a second or so. The same files play just fine from the web player. I don’t think that it is a bandwidth issue. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like Plexamp is downloading in bursts with caching.

  • Server version:
  • Server OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Plexamp Version: 1.0.5
  • Plexamp OS: Windows 10 1709



Not what you guys want to hear, but I’ve not had any stuttering. My entire music collection is FLAC, the server is on Windows 10 and Plexamp is on MacOS.


Logic tells me that this has nothing to do with the server’s host operating system. My guess is that we have a problem with buffering, as plex in the browser works perfectly.

@“Brian.Watson” what broadband do you have? What are you down~ and upload speeds.

Also, would it be possible for some of the plex team to give some insights here?


I also have a stuttering issue while trying to stream FLAC files through plexamp while I’m at work.

I used the W10 app and the web app without any issues.

My internet speed at home is 120/20 D/U, so I guess it shouldn’t be an issue either.


I sometimes get stutter when playing back Apple Lossless music files.


I pay out the nose for the insane 1Gbps Download / 50Mbps Upload service here, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Does the stuttering only happen when streaming over the internet, or does it happen when streaming just inside your house too?


My bandwidth isn’t anywhere near as great as yours, but should still be more than enough to handle a flac stream. I’m on 50 down / 30M up. I am experiencing this on my home network. Also worth noting that I have no problem streaming 4K video streams or playing back flac in the browser plex app.


Hi all, for the record here is a sample for what I am hearing. Excuse the quality, it was recorded from my phone.


Just for reference:
No stuttering for me.
Synology Server running, all FLAC. Plexamp on Linux (Manjaro)


Windows 10, Plexamp, high bandwidth availability, and I get stuttering through Plexamp, but not the web or windows 10 app. If I pause it, wait, then restart, it will play a few seconds and start stuttering again.


I’ve had the same stuttering on multiple file formats, not just FLAC - more than enough upstream bandwidth at home to support FLAC, let alone 192kbps MP3.

I have also found a workaround - if you are running Plexamp on a network that has a (relatively) fixed IP, you can get your Plex server to assume that it’s a LAN client by adding an entry into the “LAN Networks” field under Network (with advanced setting shown).

e.g. if your external IP were a.b.c.d, adding a.b.c.d/32 into the LAN networks field tells your server that it’s actually on your local network, and the regular bandwidth rules no longer apply. This seems to eliminate the problem - I spent a good hour listening to various FLAC tracks from different albums, with pausing, resuming, skipping between; no stuttering.

Caveats: this only applies when you control the server; when the client where Plexamp is running is on either a static external IP, or a relatively consistent range; and when the files you are listening to are not higher bitrate than your server’s upstream connection.


Thanks, the above workaround fixed the issue for me :+1:


Same issue here. FLAC files do not play correctly under the Windows 10 (Plexamp), at least remotely, didn’t try locally yet. They stutter 3-4 times per second.


Interestingly, while adding my work IP as “local” did seem to fix remote FLAC playback in that particular case, when streaming on my LAN I get the stuttering again. This is on OSX.


Same to me on my LAN.


After the latest update to PMS (, FLAC files are working properly in Plexamp (tested remotely)


I’ve had the same issue since launch with stuttering with remote playback; and am still experiencing the same issue on PMS version; however similar to the workaround found above, I found that if I route it through an SSH tunnel (forward to the same port on my remote PC) I get steady playback; it’s not really a solution, but perhaps it’ll help someone or shed some more light on the issue.