aptx on macos



So i've noticed that once my APTx enabled bluetooth headphones connect and OpenPHT is playing, the audio profile drops on MacOS (10.12) to MONO (SCO profile). I've scoured the settings, nothing seems to scream "APTx" compatible, and of course google foo fails too. Most other apps work fine, and once I stop playback on OpenPHT it will reconnect to the APTx profile and I can play videos through PlexWeb player without issue.

Anyone else experience this? I'd love to enjoy shows without disturbing the wife but also in full HD Stereo :)

This is MacOS (OS X) 10.12 - but operates the same on 10.11.
OpenPHT 1.7.1
Avantree Audition Headphones - Bluetooth (but does the same for any aptx enabled headphones)
I have already forced APTx profile with Bluetooth explorer


I'm having the same issue, and I have yet to find a solution. Any luck?


So here we are a year later and I've found the solution now that I'm off for 2 weeks and binge watching movies. Not perfect, but it allows me to listen in full stereo.

in OpenPHT preferences > settings > Audio > output configuration - set this to FIXED. then in the same section - line sampling rate to 44.1 kHz.

This works on 10.12 and openpht 1.8.

Hope this helps the next google searcher!


Hope this helps the next google searcher!

That's me! It works! It drove me crazy... Thanks :)