Autoplay no longer stopping after two hours.



Hey, I use Plex to help me get to sleep, and it was perfect because it would shut off automatically after 2 hours and let me get good sleep. As of one of the recent updates, it will now play forever, which is no longer useful to me. I assume this is a bug because still says that it's supposed to stop after 2 hours, but I don't see anywhere to even report a bug here, seems like we have to figure out our own issues. Anyone have any ideas on how to make plex stop playing after two hours?


Did you see the Post Play screen at all? How did you start the playback? Did you select a movie, episode, season, show, library, or playlist?

If you used a playlist, that does not trigger the post-play screen and will keep going.


The post play screen does show every time, yes. My most typical way of watching is to pick a show and then just hit random on the whole show, but I tried watching episodes in order last night, and the post play screen still showed and it still played without stopping all night. Done this on both the new version of the web app and the new version of the windows player. Both previous versions stopped on the post play screen correctly.


Ok, thanks for the info. I will try to recreate.