[BUG] after new update, watched status is not saved




just tried out the new update (like the new controls), and noticed it was not saving the watch updates. I watched the new BBT episode, and when I went back to the main menu, it still pointed it out as unwatched.
I went to the episode options, marked as watched, and it flickered the orange corner for a second, putting it back as unwatched. Watching and stopping halfway had no effect either. Progress bar dos not show up, only shows as "unwatched".
Checked with other files, all have the same issue. I've been having some issues with my PC, but nothing that would (supposedly) tamper with Plex specifics.

I cannot change my watch status in any way possible.

Anyone else with this issue?


Same here, full disclosure it is only happening with 1 episode on my system, but regardless of the player, iOS, AppleTV, Xbox One, Android, Roku.

Basically it’s just irritating, I finished The Wonder Years a few weeks ago, but still have an episode “in progress”.


Same problem. Very frustrating. I have no idea what I’ve watched now.