[Bug] Not work property on Windows Server 2016


If you select any song, an empty window. The search for songs works, but nothing is possible to play. Plex Media Player plays everything.


Usually this implies some sort of issue with pieces of Plexamp not starting properly. Any chance you can post logs? Have audio equipment with more than 8 channels?


Log plexAMP:
Jan 18 17:21:28: client: [0] opened from
Jan 26 15:57:56: client: [0] opened from
Jan 26 16:01:26: client: [0] opened from
Jan 26 16:01:50: client: [0] opened from
Jan 26 16:14:17: client: [0] opened from
I no have more them 2 channel. My wife have simular trouble on her win10 desctop.
Plex Server log in Attachment


@xFilosofx ~ Can you upload Server.log and Application.log from Plexamp directory?


I don’t have Server.log and Application.log on PlexAMP directory? Maybe Plex Server log?


Those are definitely the names of the files, IIRC they’re in AppData/Roaming or something like that? Perhaps AppData/Local?


This file?


Wow, that’s fascinating:

Jan 26, 2018 16:14:40 DEBUG - Error loading: The header content contains invalid characters

Any possibility of some sort of web proxy on your computer interfering with requests?


No, i don’t use web proxy on my network.


And no possibility of any malware? I don’t see a priori how invalid headers could show up on those responses…


@xFilosofx ~ Actually, both of those log files show latest activity from Jan 26th, and with a previous previous of the application. Can you make sure you’re on the latest, and post new logs?


Oh, i can’t do this shortly, i answer you with logs when be ready


New logs, last plexapm


Huh, interesting…will try to reproduce over here with Cyrillic characters :smiley:


@xFilosofx ~ Try the new version, should fix the issue.


OMG, thanks more, everything works fine.


Glad to hear it!