Can Plexamp read and use m3u playlists?


Can Plexamp read & use m3u playlist files?
I have m3u's for my entire music library by album. With Winamp I can load multiple m3U playlists into the same session, which is really nice. Can I do the same with Plexamp? Can Plexamp even read m3u files?
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Plexamp is just a Plex player, you’d want the media server to support M3U importing. There is a POST /playlists/upload?sectionID=X&path=Y endpoint which we built that imports M3U8 files, but we haven’t exposed it via any UI yet, sadly.


If “/playlists/upload?sectionID=X&path=Y” is suppose to be a link then its not working.


I tried the POST method, but for some reason it only picks up the first file in the playlist. Still investigating.


@nosaj72 ~ let me know, it’s possible there’s a bug, clearly…


Never could get it to take more than one entry. Tried short playlists (i.e. 3 entries), different encodings, file urls, anything I could think of. Most things came back with an internal server error.

If I tried a 2 item playlist, and the first item pointed to a non existent file, I would get the server error. If the first item was correct and the second item was a non existent file, I would not get an error. My conclusion is that it isn’t looking at anything past the first entry.


I’ll pass along to the dev, @nosaj72 ~ any chance we could get a sample playlist?


Here is the playlist.

This is the result:

I’m running server Version on Windows 10 professional.

Option to use existing m3u for playlist feature

Hey, dev here. Thanks for the sample that was breaking it. I have a fix in place that will be included in the next release (1.13.1).


Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out.


Just to report - upgraded to and this is now working as expected.


Is there any documentation on how this is supposed to work? Do I just need to put my m3u playlists in the root of my music directory?


Can anyone more in detail explain how to send this POST request to Plex? I’ve searched around but can’t figure it out.


There is no UI exposed for this yet. But you can use something like Postman to make a post to the server to run the command.

Here is the URL I use to post


{plexserver} is the name of the computer running plex
37 is the section id of my music library
path is the full path to the m3u file on the server
{PlexToken} is my plex token.

The name of the playlist created (or updated) will be the same as the m3u file. In this case “PlaylistTest2”. If the playlist already exists, it will replace its contents with that of the m3u file.


Thank you! I was on the right track, but with your example the import now works. (I had to change file type from .m3u8 to .m3u for it to work).


Wow, this is great. Would be really amazing to get playlists to work and seems there is something in the works?

I gave it a try, but failed.\iTunes\iTunes%20Media\Music\500%20Greatest%20Songs%20of%20All%20Time_%20Top-100.m3u&X-Plex-Token=removed

I am getting an “500 Internal Server Error”.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? A few potential issues I can think of: spacing in the playlist path? Playlist path is a mapped network drive? I think I get my section ID right, but not sure?


Mmh… Still gettting “500 Internal Error”. Eliminated a few sources of errors, but still no luck with:\Test.m3u&X-Plex-Token=removed

Any thoughts appreciated!


Oh, I think I get it. I was just pasting the URL into a browser, which doesn’t seem what I need to do. Seems like I need to use something like “Postman”. @nosaj72, it seems you have figured it out? How difficult is it and may I trouble you for some simple how-to steps? Thanks in advance!


I am making progress, but still no playlist showing up… I download “postman” and posted above comment. It seems not to be completely wrong as it starts scanning my music library after posting the comment. However, no playlist shows up under the Plex GUI under playlist. Not even a playlist with one single song. Any thought with this additional info what I could be doing wrong? @nosaj72

I am using PMS

Option to use existing m3u for playlist feature