Can the Plex data storage location be changed



i have the Nvidia Shield tv 16gb (nov 2017) with plex media server built in, but i'm finding that with a large library connected externally and a 240gb ssd set up as internal storage...the plex media server doesn't save ALL it's information onto the 240gb instead it STILL uses the Nvidia shields 16gb which then fills up quickly and displays the low memory message. Can this location not be changed in order to avoid this warning?


Its possible if your prepared to jump through a few hoops

Few devs that have commented in these topic’s (Or not…) about moving PMS to adoptive storage either play dumb & have no idea what your trying to achieve, Or say in their testing it doesn’t work (Proof it works just fine in the XDA link I posted), Or just ignore these sorts of thread completely.

At nvidia’s site, If you ask about being able to move PMS to adoptive storage, They will answer, But they all give the same answer saying that “Its being worked on…” Practically copy & paste from previous staff member’s.

I have around 2.6GB left on my Shield tv’s internal storage (Just enough for a system update to install without giving any errors I believe), But like you have a 250GB SSD with ample space & fast enough to outdo the shields internal storage in performance.


I was left with 1.5gb after plex added all it’s data to the internal storage…so i think the only solution at the present time is to root the nvidia shield as per your link: until nvidia and plex get there act together regarding not only the internal storage of plex info but the write/read folder issue when trying to move large video files across network to external storage. thank you for your reply "Strategizer8520 "