Cannot create Windows Media Center Shortcut



I had to do a reinstall of my WMC setup due to the recent guide issues and I lost my OpenPHT shortcut in the process. I messed around with MCE Reset Toolbox a little to try to get it back but that did not work.

I figured if I just uninstalled and re-installed OpenPHT it would come back through that process but it did not.

Any ideas or other similar experiences?


I wanted to follow up with a solution. I was never able to get OpenPHT installation to create the shortcut and menu row.

The OpenPHT Entrypoint did show up in MCE Reset Toolbox.

WMC would crash on load if I created the row and included the shortcut with MCE Reset Toolbox. Not sure why this is happening, as I have never had any issues editing menus with the tool before.

I was able to use the entrypoint in the Live TV Menu Row and everything works.


MCE Reset Tool box has been very flaky with my MCE as well.

I've switched to MCE Themer and it's much more stable. It's a bit more work but it works much better and its a cleaner solution as its not really replacing any files but loading them on demand as configured.


Thanks Wally, I will look into that. Always good to have another tool for this aging solution!