Cannot open rbw file that is an update from plex



I don't have the program to open a rbw file that plex sent as an update. I need to know how to open it and what program I need to open it with. If you don't have a correct answer, do not apply an off the wall commentary about not knowing anything about this subject.


You are not supposed to.....

You are supposed to upload it to your seagate!

Drill down to Advanced



I figured it out on my own. Thanks anyway.


OK, I have a Seagate 4 bay Business NAS. Bought purely to use in conjunction with Plex. It looks to me as if I can’t run Plex on this though. There’s no App manager. Yes I can download the .rbw to it but then what? Help! Please!


Hi all,
I have no installed plex on my personal NAS and i downloaded the required rbw files (both intel and arm because i don’t know which one is required) from plex website and tried to install Plex manually by uploading the files from app manager menu. I failed many times. Is there any solution to install Plex?