Can't Add Podcasts



Was trying to add my podcast URLs to Plex and the following URL's work in other apps and not Plex:


I actually would like to add Critical Roll to my Plex also. I haven’t found a link that has worked yet


I found this link to Critical Roll that someone else posted and it worked.


I’ve had no luck with these, just errors


I was having trouble adding podcast urls from soundcloud. I found this site useful to find the RSS URL for a podcast on soundcloud:

It finds the real RSS URL which Plex accepts without issue. Supposedly it also works for ITunes podcasts.

For example I was trying to add:

so I pasted that into:

Which gave me this url:

Which I successfully pasted into Plex add a poscast URL box.

I was also having the add feed button disappearing in the web client, doing a hard reload on the main podcast page made it reappear.