Can't stream more than 2 movies at once?



Hi all!

I've started sharing my Plex library with a friend within the same city, but as soon as we start watching a movie at home, her stream starts buffering over at her place and is virtually unwatchable. I was under the impression that I could easily stream more than one movie at a time, even on a Pi. Is that not the case? What could be the limiting factor here? How would I find out where the bottleneck lies?

Setup: RPi 3 model B, Raspbian, PMS. All with latest updates. Connected through Ethernet port to our router with high speed internet (10mbps). All files are h.264 MP4 containers, there is no transcoding happening whatsoever. All media files are on a USB 2.0 drive connected directly to the Pi's USB port.


(1) are you sure the bitrate of the file is significantly less then 10Mbps? 10Mbps is less than the bitrate of a typical 1080p h264 video. And are you sure about the upload speed of your connection? A typical 10 Mbps internet connection only supports 2 Mbps upload at maximum.
(2) are you sure Direct Play or Direct Stream was used and no video transcoding was used? How did you assess this fact?

Just try to watch the same videos at your home in parallel. If this works well you know it’s the network or the player settings at your friends house.


Just to make sure, are you saying:

  • You friend is streaming a movie from your server and everything is fine
  • Then you start start a stream on your local network, upon which her stream starts to stall intermittently

I would help to know the data rate of the files you two are attempting to stream.


I double checked our internet provider plan and it’s actually 30mbps download and 5 mbps upload. As for the data file, Quicktime says it’s a 1.39 mbps bitrate. Seems like that shouldn’t make it choke… Hmm…