Collection support?



Will the Plex for Kodi add-on be getting support for collections in the foreseeable future? Plex finally implementing this server-side is a huge aid to browsing libraries. I generally prefer using the add-on through Kodi over the native client on my Shield for various playback and audio reasons, but collections are so helpful that I'm drifting back to the native client. I'd love to see collection support get into the add-on. Chapter support too, but honestly I'd take collections over chapters if I had to pick.


plus 1 for this feature to be added


Won’t be anytime soon, but I’ll add it to the list.


+1 from me. Would be great!


+1 for this feature as well


Why wont be anytime soon. If its added to android n apple why not the next big platform kodi. Tons have media boxes that use kodi but have audio issues because of the codecs for the media boxes. The only thing that makes plex usuable is that it works on kodi. I would ask that you consider kodi a priority with updates please and thank you.


Have a look at PlexKodiConnect - it supported collections on day 1