Daily summary notification of recently added?



I'm running PlexPy and I've gotten email notification of new content running, but it sends one email for every episode and movie--which is really very inefficient. Has anyone found a way or add on or other notification platform that would consolidate any notification into a single email, say at 5 AM each day?


Hope this helps. I wrote this shell script and set a cron job for 0730 daily. Works well for me. You’ll need to enter your credentials for your email provider. Server, sender and password. I use the app “sendemail” which I installed via brew on my MacPro.

The resulting email looks like this:

Subject: Added to Plex on 12-11-2017

Movies added

TV Shows added

Kevin Can Wait
Man With A Plan
Marvel’s Runaways
Morning Joe
Murdoch Mysteries
Superior Donuts
The Gifted


vSUBJECT_LINE=“Added to Plex on $(date -j -v-1d +”%m-%d-%Y")"

printf "Movies added
" > $vTMP/send_added_yesterday.txt
echo “----------------------------------” >> $vTMP/send_added_yesterday.txt
cd /Volumes/Atlantic/Movies/ ; find . -ctime -1440m | cut -d “/” -f 3 | grep “(” | sort | uniq | cut -d [ -f 1 >> $vTMP/send_added_yesterday.txt
printf "

" >> $vTMP/send_added_yesterday.txt
printf "TV Shows added
" >> $vTMP/send_added_yesterday.txt
echo “----------------------------------” >> $vTMP/send_added_yesterday.txt
cd “/Volumes/Pacific/TV Shows” ; find . -ctime -1440m | cut -d “/” -f 2 > $vTMP/tvlast24.tmp
cd “/Volumes/Atlantic/TV2” ; find . -ctime -1440m | cut -d “/” -f 2 >> $vTMP/tvlast24.tmp
cd “/Volumes/Indian/TalkTV” ; find . -ctime -1440m | cut -d “/” -f 2 >> $vTMP/tvlast24.tmp
cat $vTMP/tvlast24.tmp | grep -v “.” | grep -v -i ds_store | sort | uniq >> $vTMP/send_added_yesterday.txt
echo " " >> $vTMP/send_added_yesterday.txt

/usr/local/bin/sendemail -t name@email_provider.com -s $vSERVER -xu $vSENDER -xp $vPASSWD -u $vSUBJECT_LINE -f $vSENDER -m “$(/bin/cat $vTMP/send_added_yesterday.txt)”


Thanks for this. If I get the energy I might try to fool around with a custom scripted solution, maybe parsing logs.

I have a lot of directories to parse on four different drives, so this isn’t terribly maintainable. I’ve had to manually break down movies and TV shows by G and PG to create a kid-safe account. You can’t rely on the ratings pulled from online sources in any way shape or form. Se7en ® was rated G for toddlers in my Plex!!! =8-O They are constantly wrong - or just bizarre, not to mention pulling international ratings instead of U.S. ratings. Interestingly, International rating agencies often rate American children’s movies as less appropriate for younger due to aggression and subject matters that Americans see as okay and just dandy to expose to their five-year-old.

I feel like this request is the low water mark for this function to be called a feature. Who actually wants to be emailed a separate email for every TV Episode or Movie Recently Added? If you have a small movie collection, I could see this as plausible. But once you get into TV or DVRing, it just becomes a non-feature that shouldn’t even be considered as existing. It isn’t a feature, it is a spamming engine. At least the other Server stop/start/unavailables may prove useful. None of them have triggered yet.

I wish these features would be matured instead of moving onto the next so-so implemented “feature” so we can say Plex does it all (but not well). It’s like Plex DVR’s Guide or Plex Music, compared to other services and software that have existed for many, many years, they are actually kinda crappy. Sure I can sit there and play a song, cue up an album like we are living in the days of Vinyl. I can manually build playlists like in the days of WinAmp (1990s), slowly and clunkily. Or I could shuffle the 17,000 tracks I have. UH, whuh? Or I could just use iTunes, or Jriver, or Pandora, etc. And who would ever take a TV Guide and build it with big posters ?!?!? Really, no TV guide that is usable do this because it would not be used by anyone. And I was very disappointed to find that the 400 channels made available by renting my cable company’s M-Card could not be seen because Plex DVR isn’t licensed/can’t handle decryption. So I only get about 100 channels, of which 25 are crap no one watches, the local air channels are doubled (SD + HD) and another dozen is only of interest if you speak Spanish. For $60 more a TIvo Volt would have been a better investment over the HomeRun HD that Plex supports. Tivo would have provided much greater real value, despite difficulty/inability to share (can’t share what I can’t record!).

I love Plex (a PlexPass member) and have been using it for about 7? years now. Every household in the family shares all of our Blu-ray/DVDs together. But outside of the basic video cataloging and streaming/play (which have improved and become excellent and reliable over the years), the other features hold very little value. I think Plex music gets used less than a dozen time a year across all the users. And half the time it is me just playing something I just added while I’m doing maintenance in Plex or the video catalog. Otherwise, I never use it (despite the 100+ CD/Vinyl collection that has been digitized since 1999) I haven’t had cable most of the last 25 years. So most of what I could see on the DVR was stuff I never missed anyway. I haven’t recorded anything with the DVR in 3 months. Some of the encrypted channels were the ones I would have found value in accessing. And absolutely no one has even looked at News. What about Channels?? Remember those? Do they even work? The I-Tunes feature barely worked and constantly broke until it broke for good.

A few highly polished features make people devoted fans. The rest is forgettable fluff that I believe attracts no one.