Desktop is offline or unreachable



Hi all,

I have been using plex for a couple of years now, with the server on my main pc and using the ps4 app to connect to it.

It had been working fine, without issue, until about a month ago when it just outright won't connect.

No settings had been changed, no update had been done, it just stopped.

I've searched through the forums and it said to allow unsecure, logout, reinstall, rebuild, ensure updated... etc but none of this works.

Everything plays fine on the PC and the funny thing is, the plex server is visible and accessible as I can get to it via my netgear genie ap and the playstation 4 inbuilt media play which is an utter POS can see/access and play films/tv shows from it.

I am out of ideas, has anyone got any suggestions please?

Many thanks,