"Direct Connection Unavailable"


Hi there,
When i try to connect to a friend's Plex server over my WIfi at home i get this error on my Plex App "Direct Connection unavailable" It fails to connect, then when i try to connect again it does work but says indirect.

If i turn my Wifi off on my phone and connect to him over the 4G data it works fine. So i know its nothing to do with his end, it must be my router\firewall.
Does anyone know what i need to do, I'm guessing I need to open a port up over to his IP?

Cant find anything though on google that's fits my problem.

Many Thanks


It is probably caused by your ISP's DNS server.
Edit the preferences of your router and override the DNS server. You can use either the public DNS servers from Google ( and/or or those from OpenDNS.

Afterwards reboot your router,
and after a few minutes also your Plex clients.


Thanks for the reply, i have one of those awful Virgin SuperHub 3 things that you can't change the DNs servers unless you go for router mode.
So i tried setting my phone to static and set the dns server there, hasnt made any difference though. Probably the superhub is hijacking the DNS query.

Not to worry, ill just have to live with it.


Another way would be to disable 'Secure Connections' on the server.
But that'd affect all users of that server and, of course, is probably not to the server owner's liking.