DNS Not working



Hey guys, so I recently started setting up plex connect. I am currently running everything off of Windows Server 2016.

My logs show that it gets to the
Mar 31,2018 19:00:21 WebServer: WebServer: Serving HTTPS on port 443.
Mar 31,2018 19:00:21 WebServer: ***

Then once I go into DNS on my apple TV, add this machine as the DNS it doesn't do anything at all. I've tried adding a firewall rule, disabling firewall completely and I'm still not able to get it working.

Thanks for your help in advance!


The best way to detect if PlexConnect DNS’s service is running Ok is to:

  1. Point DNS (in ATV) to the IP of PlexConnect
  2. Reboot ATV
    If DNS service is Ok the ATV will show all Apps after reboot. If not, it will only show Computers and Settings

Pls post the whole PlexConnect.log file.