Download music to laptop?



I want to download some music to my laptop from my media PC. I am on my home network and Plex/Web allows me to download TV episodes and movies but not music. Is there something I'm missing?  


This feature is only available for videos right now. It's very possible we extend it to music tracks and photos, but we're not entirely happy with the download action on a higher level. We're thinking of ways of making this better still.




+1, this would be really handy, since there's no queue feature in the web app.

Doesn't have to be perfect, man! The video download is great! Just need a download button for all music groupings (song, album, artist, genre.) Doesn't have to be pretty or especially efficient (could just be some JS traversal.)

I poked at using userscript for this, but it really doesn't make sense to do it that way- too much AJAX going on.

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Plex Web Music Downloader
// @namespace   pmd
// @version     0.1
// @description  Downloads an artist tree of music
// @match       http://localhost:32400/*
// @copyright   2014+, nobody
// @require
// @require
// @grant    GM_addStyle
// ==/UserScript==

waitForKeyElements('.breadcrumb-btn', setup);

function setup() {
    URL = location.href.substring(0, location.href.indexOf("/", 8));
    if (checkIfMusicSection()) {
        console.log('((((((((((MUSIC section');
        waitForKeyElements('.media-list .hide-hover-overlay a', populateMusicSection);
    } else if (checkIfAlbumSection()) {
        console.log('((((((((((ALBUM section');
    } else if (checkIfArtistSection()) {
        console.log('((((((((((ARTIST section');

function checkIfMusicSection() {
    if ($('.section-list-title').length > 0) {
        return true;
    } else {
        return false;

function checkIfArtistSection() {
    if ($('.artist-title').length > 0) {
        return true;
    } else {
        return false;

function checkIfAlbumSection() {
    if ($('.album-title').length > 0) {
        return true;
    } else {
        return false;

function populateMusicSection() {
    regie = /\d*$/;
    link = $('.media-list .hide-hover-overlay a').attr("href");
    object_id = regie.exec(link);
    getChildren(object_id, 'music');
    $.get(URL + '/library/metadata/' + object_id + '/children', function(data) {
        children = $(data).find('Directory');
        children.each(function(i, value) {

Should be enough to get someone started quickly if they want to pick this up.


+ 1!! I find this of great importance. For example it will help me keep my iphoto and itunes library "synced" across my two PC's! Please get back to us if there is any news!


The web interface already has a download action for tracks.


Indeed it does, but it only downloads one track at a time. Like pnovotnak said, one per tier - Artist, Album, Song - would be amazing. Probably the last thing missing from Plex! (outside of the app not being available on some platforms yet)


@mrmishler said:
Indeed it does, but it only downloads one track at a time. Like pnovotnak said, one per tier - Artist, Album, Song - would be amazing. Probably the last thing missing from Plex! (outside of the app not being available on some platforms yet)

I think downloading songs on a playlist is the most important. I can copy music by artist, album, genre, etc. directly from my computer without needing to use Plex. OS file managers on both Windows and Linux allow me to sort files that way. What i can't do is copy/download a Plex playlist. And after taking the time to create a great playlist i don't want to have to spend the time trying to recreate it or remember every song on an 8+ hour playlist to download them.


Would really like this feature


No comment


+1 a group/folder level "download" would be amazing- i.e. being able to download an entire album of music with one click.


+1 It would be great to have this feature. I think it could make Plex the best solution for collecting media. Please, allow me to download my music albums with just one click! :)


+1 Didn't realise I couldn't until I tried just now ...then found this post :neutral:


Great ideas, here, but I think we should inject some reality, at this point, before unnecessary pressure is placed on our good friends at Plex:

  • 1) Downloading more than 3 or 4 simultaneous files on the average computer system is handled locally (download managers, web browsers, etc.), not by the source of the download. Therefore, YMMV, depending on how reliable your system is, not based on how good Plex is at adjusting their server code. Some people with slower systems or broken browsers and download managers will not be able to download full albums at a time. That makes multiple simultaneous tracks a bad idea, as it would give users a negative impression of Plex, and I'm sure the intelligent people at Plex already know that and will therefore avoid that mistake.

  • 2) There is, of course the all-in-one app/service/computer system that allows multiple, mass, simultaneous downloads like iTunes on a Mac, but for obvious reasons this will not work for Plex, as they are not selling you a music service, managed cloud storage space, a separate music management client for your desktop, mobile phone, tablet and web experience that includes an enormous database of songs they own and plan to sell you. Oh yeah, and Plex doesn't manufacture PC's, phones, and tablets to sell you to insure that those services work they way they want it to. Instead, you get flexibility.

  • 3) The last and probably best option, employed by many music cloud services, is to generate a zip file and allow you to download the entire album as a single, large file. While this is still the best method in the music service world, it does require some thought and time to determine how your individual machine is capable of zipping files quickly, accurately, and in a manner conducive to downloading.

Obviously, this is just my two cents, but out of concern for my favorite company right now (Plex, obviously), I thought I should share with all the forum users who wind up at this page. ;-)



@keystoneclimber said:


+1 would very much like to see a “download album as ZIP” option, shouldn’t be too hard to implement.


+1 for download full album or playlist. When I’m at work, I like to download new tunes to a USB drive for my journey home. Doing this 1 track at a time takes forever.