Extra step for "Match" to appear in three dot menu.


So here it is… I have content inside of a library that isn’t matched properly so I go to the three dot menu to access the match function.

Match function is not there.


If I choose any other function then go back to the three dot menu the “Match” function appears.


There we go, there’s the “Match” function.

Why does it take an extra step to get this to appear?

Why would it not appear the first time?

Why Plex are you making us take extra steps to access this?


You are not inside a library, you are on the main page.
For performance reasons, not all features are exhibited initially. It would create more database queries and thus slow down the loading of the main page further.

Once you interact with one particular item, all the outstanding queries are performed and then all the menu items become available.


Interesting symptom… I can confirm this. The actions related to matching will not show up on the home screen when initially loading the page – once I go somewhere else (e.g. a movie’s pre-play screen, a library…) the actions appear.
Latest PMS beta v1.11.1.476 with Plex Web v3.35.1 (online) and v3.31.1 (installed w/ the PMS).


I’m not inside a library? Wanna bet?


once I got somewhere else and return to the main page, the context menu items do appear there as well.


I’m inside my Movies library. Same behavior. I’m curious as to how adding the “Match” feature to the initial options of the three dot menu would increase the number of database queries? It should just read the options to be placed in the three dot menu from a table that it’s probably reading already to get the list of items to populate inside the three dot menu.


I do see what @OttoKerner is trying to say… Some options are not initially available. Because the way PLEX view anything is it’s always correct so some queries to the database are not needed initially. Why have “Fix Match” on a movie/show when all things equal, it’s correct.

What I don’t like is when it’s not actually matched and the options not there.


You can skip the extra step, by just selecting a movie, and once in that movie select the 3 dot menu to fix match. Also if you name your movie with the year, it will probably match correctly the first time.


I’ve been playing around with this for a moment.
it appears the “matching” menu items only appear in the library or main screen if you’ve accessed that movie’s pre-play screen before.

@HVKStudios: you do have a massive file naming issue. fix those file names instead of manually matching your movies!


Selecting the movie then becomes the extra step.




@tom80H 40 movies out of the 2307 in the library is far from massive and outside of the scope of the original query.


looks like 24 of the 33 I can see in the first 3 rows in your screenshots… I can only judge by that – but it’s your collection, so you be the judge of that :slight_smile:


This is one of the 40 movies without a match.


file name appears ok… do you also have it in a Planet of the Apes (1968) folder?
personally I’m not a big fan of those suffixes but I’ve recently learned that text in square brackets is ignored by Plex.


and to @NewPlaza 's point… these are items without a match so shouldn’t it appear in the three dot menu the first time if Plex knows it’s not a match? I’m ok with context aware menus but that would create extra queries to verify the match.


If that’s not matching instantly you have issues which go far beyond Fix Match not being on the first page you access (but yea, that’s on the Pre-Play Screen)…

Log Files:
Drag zip file to message window and drop it.


I don’t want “Fix Match” I just want “Match”. “Fix-Match” assumes it’s made a correct match. Fix Match is fine for splitting library items when it thinks that all of the Conan movies are the same movie. These are files that it didn’t match for whatever reason and it takes two steps to get the “Match” option to appear in the three dot menu. I contend it should be available the first time you access the three dot menu. Modifying the file name causes Plex to think it’s a new item in the library and it pops up on the dashboard and I don’t want it to re-appear on the dashboard as new content in the library because we have no control over the sorting method used for new content on the dashboard. If I could force the dashboard items to appear by release date and not the date it made it’s way into the library that would be great. If I could sort new TV show episodes by the date they originally aired instead of the “Last Episode Date Added” that would be fantastic but I can’t so I am trying to modify the items in the database without modifying the files themselves and I’ve noticed that it takes an extra step for a menu item to appear that I feel should be available from the initial menu access attempt.


Come off some log files, Man.
You have issues.


@tom80H said:
I’ve been playing around with this for a moment.
it appears the “matching” menu items only appear in the library or main screen if you’ve accessed that movie’s pre-play screen before.

or the edit(pencil icon)