Favorite House of Cards scenes



What are your favorite House of Cards scenes, or chapters? I'm talking about the 2013 remake for Netflix, not the British original itself.

So here's mine: I generally like when Frank Underwood breaks fourth wall and speaks directly to the audience who are his trusted insiders. In this scene, he talks about killing Zoe Barnes to the audience at the end of the episode, in a self-reflective meta-level way:


And here, for reference, is the scene where he commits that despicable crime that shocks the audience, which Underwood then adresses directly to the camera:


How do you guys like House of Cards in general?
Have you bingewatched all of it, or only seen a few episodes?


The wife and I made it through 2 seasons. Really loved it at the beginning, especially when Kevin Spacey's character breaks the 4th wall. But after some time the show got a bit too dark for us. Too real, maybe? I applaud them for how well executed it is, though. We might try it again, but since then have moved on to binge watching other shows. Designated Survivor is the only political action/drama we're watching now and it's not as heavy as House of Cards.


Yeah with the current presidential term it may be a bit too realistic and dark for some. But it's worth it to stick through the darker moments, there a satisfying payoffs in the season finales.


Is Kevin Spacey's character still breaking the 4th wall? I really liked the we he and the show pulled off that element. I noticed for a while there they weren't doing it anymore. It felt like he was our guide to the people and climate of politics.


Yes, he still does break the fourth wall. And you're right, it functions as a direct relationship to the viewers, whom he doesn't keep secrets from and guides through that world of corruption and politics.


It's a shame they cancelled the show after the scandal around Kevin Spacey.