[Feature Request] Channel Master OTA DVR


I own a Channel Master OTA DVR ( https://www.channelmaster.com/DVR_Plus_p/cm-7500gb16.htm). Having noted the Plex DVR feature, I wanted to see if I could implement these two products (Plex and DVR+) together to take advantage of the Plex DVR interface. The list of products seem largely focus on OTA to USB devices that allow the Plex Computer to record the media and play it back.

I am unsure if this has been suggested before, but how about networking with an OTA DVR that already has recordings on it? Perhaps allowing the user to control record times, recordings and guide data from the DVR directly?

I have been pretty happy with my Channel Master DVR, it would open a whole new realm to my use of Plex. Please add on the market OTA DVRs as a product that Plex can interface with!!!