Feature Request: Enable subtitles for Plex Channel


So currently the Plex framework does not allow subtitles using the Plex Channels. I guess most of the support required is already there since for library items it works well on all systems. If the support for subtitles could be extended to Plex Channels I believe it would greatly benefit a lot of users and developers.


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Yes that would be great and also i request this feature



I would love to have subtitles on my plex channels. I am hard of hearing and without subtitles content is very difficult to watch. I have to watch with my wireless headphones, and that completely drowns out all the sound around me. I greatly dislike this as I can’t talk to the family during a show. I’d love for subtitle support to be enabled in plex across the board. I was very surprised when I found out that it was not. Could this feature please be implemented?


I voice my support for this important feature.


Enabling subs on Plex Channels would be would be a great benefit.
Just think of how it would enable the hearing impaired to use and enjoy Plex


Yes I would very much like it.


Would be great. +1


yes agree, +1


@satstarter, @d3dman, @vdimitrov, @olof79, @toplez, @bacalazin… +1 does nothing! you need to click like on the OP’s title post or the vote is NOT counted.


@SiscoPlex I’m pretty sure that’s not a requirement for Plex to consider a feature request. I think posting about it here and other relevant threads (but not making multiple threads !) is what will only matter.


Plex has been promoting the DVR function heavily, but it is useless to me without closed captioning/subtitles. As others have noted, I have a hearing issue and I can’t really watch TV without subtitles, so I don’t bother to record any programs. I end up rarely using Plex because there isn’t a whole lot I can do with it unless I can get subtitles to work. @Plex - if you are not going to get subtitles to work, stop telling me about DVR and live TV.


I would really like it +1


I’m using the VDR live channel plugin.

The original http stream from VDR has multiple language audio channels and also DVB subtitles in many languages. It should be trivial for Plex to pass through the streams, or burn in the subtitle during transcoding… But this it not done. Also it’s impossible to select the audio language…


Please, add this! it’s very useful!


Please add this feature. I would love it


Please add this feature!


I love to have this feature, please add it


Having subtitles in channels would be awesome!


Please add the subtitle capability to the channels!


Still No subs in channels. I this on the todo list? That would be realy great.