Feature Requests - Enable Access to Profiles



Hello all - I run Plex via Docker and am extremely satisfied with it. Unfortunately, I recently updated some media to 10-bit HEVC, and Plex refuses to transcode or play it on my Apple TV.

I was hoping to follow these instructions in order to fix a gap in Plex's current profile:


However, if I do so in the Docker container, any changes will obviously be lost the next time I update Plex. It would be preferable to have some kind of access or configuration for profiles so that modifications can be placed and persisted, if necessary.


If you need local modifications to files contained within the image, one way you can do this is to create your own Dockerfile with a FROM clause to be the official container. Then your Dockerfile does the necessary local modification. When you want to do an update, you can pull the official container, build your docker image, and then run that.


Good idea, thanks.