Frame skipping with Direct Stream :(



I am new to Plex for Xbox One so apologies if this is a known issue (I did check the known issues post from @Moussa )

I experience consistent frame skipping when movies Direct Stream to my Xbox One X. Most of my movies require Direct Stream because the Audio format is not compatible with Xbox One X it seems. When the occasional movie uses an audio format that is compatible and I'm granted Direct Play I get buttery smooth 24p playback.

When on Direct Steam a frame or 2 will skip every 10 or 15 seconds. I'm sure most people wouldn't notice but once you see it you cannot unsee it.

My setup:
Xbox One X attached to local plex server via ethernet.
Plex has Display Rate Switching turned on

Happy to attach logs if you let me know how/which ones to upload.


Unfortunately, the Known Issues post really doesn't have all the Known issues...

Turn off display rate switching and see if it fixes it, it did for me.


Turning off Display Rate Switching does indeed solve the frame skipping issue but also introduces judder. My reason for giving Xbox One a shot as my new Plex client was the recent addition of Display Rate Switching. It’s clearly not a limitation of the hardware as a Direct Stream has flawless playback. Guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the issue is resolved. My dream is to have one box attached to my TV that handles all my entertainment needs.