How do I upgrade plexmediserver on a standard FreeNAS 11.1 jail (NOT the plugin).



I've set the jail up as a bog standard FreeBSD jail and installed plexmediserver. All's working but plex tells me there's and update. The free BSD repositories don't have the update (pkg update && pkg upgrade say all up-to-date).
How can I upgrade this in situ from the .tar.bz2 file without re-installing? I've read lots of old posts for much older versions from around 2014 but those don't achieve a simple straight forward upgrade.


There was an Updater script somewhere for freenas, but I’ve also posted some “simple” instructions on how you can leverage the ports system to update to whatever version you get from if the port/pkg is not up to date.



When left-clicking your link a page opens with message, “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

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if you’ve installed the plexmediaserver the default way using the commands “pkg install plexmediaserver”

Then upgrading should be as easy as stopping the plex server via command “service plexmediaserver stop” and then doing a “pkg update” command to get the latest package list and then “pkg upgrade plexmediaserver”

One thing to note is that these packages come from freshports, and they are a bit slow when it comes to updating their FreeNAS packages. So the plex server might recognize that there is a new version of the server since it pings plex’s main server to check if updates are available. The update might not be available on freshports for a day or 2.

For me this ends up not really being an issue much as i have a few remote users on my server and i always will have to wait for the opportune time when there isn’t anyone on the server to take it down quickly and apply the update.



I’m not sure what’s happening at you’re side, but that working fine here.

One thing to note about using pkg install|upgrade|update is that you might not be using the latest but quarterly in the repository config, check /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf to be sure.

Other than that check and you’ll be able to see if the port is updated usually it doesn’t take much time to see the package in the “latest” builds.

Still, its always a slower process than other platforms for sure, plex provides the tarball, the port is updated by the maintainer, etc… so never expect to have a the package update in the same day you see in the