How do you change the Trailers icon? (w/o OpenPlex, the original thread was deleted)



Hey guys,

Over the last several months I managed to somehow lose my Plex icon art on one of my ATV3s. I want to go back and set trailers to the Plex icon again but it appears the original forum thread with the tutorial is no longer on this forum.

If anyone can point me in the right direction or find another guide that would be greatly appreciated. I know I have to unplug everything and get it stuck on the device but I don't remember what I need to do on the computer without OpenPlex since I'm on Windows. I think you had to edit some sort of XML and point it to the file you wanted to use or something.

Thanks a ton!


Also I realize I COULD just load up OS X on my other machine and use OpenPlex to do it. If I use OpenPlex to just change out the icon art, will that cause any issues with the other instance of PlexConnect running on my Win machine?


You can load the icon with OpenPlex and it will not hurt if you move PlexConnect to another machine.

PlexConnect has been updated in IBaa’s repo, and the wiki now explains what is the procedure to load the Plex icon.


In case you were interested, tutorial: