How to rotate the screen 180 degrees



Hi Everyone
Hope someone can help. I have a rasplex hooked up to a Dell M100 projector on the ceiling, which unfortunately does not have a rotate display mode (it's not really designed for that!), so everything is upside down!
Previously, it's not been a problem with windows as rotate is a matter of clicking a few options.

How can I get the Rasplex Pi to rotate the display output?



Got it. For anyone in the same situation:

SSH to the Pi
run mount -o remount,rw /flash to get access to the config file
edit the file (nano /flash/config.txt) and add the line: display_rotate=2
(and any other stuff you need, i used as a reference)
save the file, then run mount -o remount,ro /flash
reboot, and presto everything is the right way up again.


Good to see you figured it out

Because the config.txt is on the fat partition you can as well plug it in any computer without any problem and edit it with your favorite program