How to select or diferentiate languages on The Movie Database agent?


Hi there,

I know this is both a minor issue and something easy to do, but when setting a language on a Library, you have "Portuguese" as an option, but it does not differentiate between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The thing is that some movies have different names in Portugal and Brazil, and this sometimes confuses. I noticed this when I added "The Good Dinosaur" to my kids Library. In Brazil the movie name is a direct translation "O Bom Dinossauro" while in Portugal it was name "A Viagem de Arlo" (Arlo's Voyage or something to that effect). And when probing The Movie Database, Plex is retrieving the name from Portugal's Portuguese instead of Brazilian Portuguese. Anybody have any idea how to fix this? It is annoying. I have posted this as a feature request but it got no attention...


Having the same issue… :confused:
Sadly, The Movie Database in pt_PT isn’t as complete as in pt_BR, therefore most summaries and descriptions fallback to en_US.