I need help with some subtitles that are HUGE, when set to normal


Hello, I’ve seen a few posts about this when I searched, but either I missed the solution, or there were none listed. Most of my movies work fine, and I have subtitles in all of them I’ve ripped from DVDs. I like to use subtitles as my hearing is not the best, and also at night, when I have the TV quieter, so as to not disturb the kids too much. Movies are in English, subtitles are in English, most work just fine, however, recently I’ve noticed on some of them, the subtitles are HUGE, taking up more than the whole screen for a sentence or two. These are set to normal, just like all my other movies, and I am not sure why this only happens with some. I have provided some examples, showing the giant subtitles on a 1080p video, then normal size selection subtitle tracks for both external and embedded into the .mp4 files at 1080p, and also the normal subtitles showing up at a regular 480p DVD. It is not only on Plex media server, it happens across the board, on Windows web browser, on ios, on Android, on Chromecast devices, etc. It is really annoying, does anyone have a solution I can do to fix this, or maybe tell me why it might be happening? I have not changed anything with the ripping/encoding process I use, that I am aware of, and it does not do it with every movie I have.

Thanks so much!


Bump. I know we’ve had a forum change right after I posted this, but does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, or where I might look to see why it is happening on some videos, but not others? Resolution maybe? Type of subtitles? Something else?

Thanks, Mapsking


I would start there. I’m not sure if mp4 MOV_TEXT subtitles has formatting such as embedded font sizing or whatnot but it’s worth looking in to. From the looks of the screenshot, it seems like plain text BUT even plain text can have a minimal amount of formatting lick italics, color, bold, & a few more.


Worth a try: extract the subtitles from the mp4 file and convert them to SRT format.

Put the SRT file beside the mp4 file, using the exact same file name (case-sensitive!) You should be able to drag the mp4 file into Subtitle Edit and then save the extracted subs to SRT format.

(Don’t get impatient, this takes a while since the whole file needs to be read in order to extract the subtitles from it.)

Clean them up using SubtitleEdit’s repair ‘tool’ (remove empty lines in particular!) or they won’t show properly on all clients.

If you want a proper language indicator on these subs, change the file name of the SRT slightly: insert .eng before the filename extension .srt


When I have an external subtitle in the folder, it seems to be more consistent with size, and viewable. I would prefer to have the subtitles embedded into the video though. I feel like something has changed, but I can’t figure out why in some movies the subtitles are huge, and others they are fine. I could be wrong, but it seemed to start when I started ripping my blu-rays, most of which had PGS files. I’m not an expert, are there other specific steps I can take in PLEX, or do I suddenly need to re-rip several hundred of my movies? What other kind of info would be helpful for me to get to help get this sorted out? I apologize if I am missing something, I just want to watch my movies and be able to turn the mostly embedded subtitle tracks on and off when I please, without the subtitles filling up the whole screen.

On a side note, I tested the Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring, and the subtitles literally changed size during playback. I can provide screenshots if desired, but might that be a side effect of a PLEX server update, or possibly related to this issue somehow? I just feel like I am missing something simple.


I can tell you that PGS(*.sup) do not resize so if you have PGS 1080p subtitles and you play as 720p or lower the subs displayed will be huge and most of the time run off the screen, but I’m not seeing that with your above samples. I would be very interested in one of the subtitles in RAW format that you are having an issue with. If you would, download MKVToolNix. And run the following in a command window to extract the sub. Replace the path to your own. and I assume your sub has ID2(video=ID0, audio=ID1) "PathTomkvextract.exe" tracks "MovieWithIssue.mkv" %SubtitleID-MostLikelyID2%:ExtractedSub.sup

Real example;

"C:\Program Files (x86)\MKVToolNix\mkvextract.exe" tracks "D:\PlexMovies\The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951).mkv" 2:"D:\PlexMovies\The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951).sup"

This will extract track ID2. The resulting file should be several megabytes big. Heck, my PGS sub of Avatar is 32MB(but will zip up nicely).


Sure, I will be happy to do that, but first, I just wanted to let you know I did a bit of testing, and it seems when I start multiplexing and output it as an .mkv from within MKVToolnix, the subtitles are the correct size, even when embedded. However, when I use handbrake, (which I usually use for compression/encoding for all my movies), whether in .mkv or .mp4 format (I usually use .mp4), the large subtitles seem to appear, whether using the .srt file I created, or the built in ones from the blu-ray. I’m wondering now if one of the recent updates to Handbrake is actually causing the issue. I think I updated to 1.0 around the same time I noticed this happening. I know this is a PLEX forum, but do you think that is a possibility? Are you familiar with it?


I opened the .mp4 file that was encoded with Handbrake in MKVToolnix, and there are no subtitles tracks listed, however, when I opened the original rip, there are two HDMV PGS tracks. Would you rather me do the original one instead, or would that not help?


Doh! Forgot MOV_TEXT is apple(mp4) format. Even easier… You can use My MP4Box GUI to extract the MP4 subtitles. Just run the program, go to the Demux tab, and click add(drag&drop not supported, bummer).


That would be great too. Gives me something to compare with. Because there are two sub tracks you will need to know the track ID’s of both before extraction. Just use my example above twice.


Big Hero 6 (2014)_track4.text.txt (461 Bytes) Big Hero 6 (2014)_3_text.srt.txt (95.4 KB)

Above are the two files demuxed from My M4Box GUI (I added a .txt to the end of both, so I could upload them, you should be able to just delete it) from the original file PLEX uses that produces the giant subtitles.

Following are the two files ripped with the command above from the original file before being sent to Handbrake for compression/encoding.

Big Hero 6 (2014) 2.sup.txt (28.7 MB)

Big Hero 6 (2014) 3.sup.txt (22.0 MB)

On a side note, I noticed My MP4Box Gui DOES support drag and drop (at least in Windows 10), you just have to drag the file to the actual Select File/Path box, anywhere else in the window does not work. :wink:


Please zip up files, instead of renaming them to txt.

The first file is not a subtitle, but a list of chapters. Chapters are stored very similarly to subtitles in mp4 files.

The second is a perfectly valid SRT file. This should work.

3 and 4 are Bluray-compatible subtitles, which are not universally supported when in a mp4 file. They do work when embedded in a MKV file (but they will require transcoding with the majority of plex clients.)


Sorry, in the future, I will .zip them, not sure what I was thinking. 3 and 4 were ripped right from the blu-ray, and in .mkv format, I extracted them using MKVextract. Maybe I am missing something, but why are the subtitles huge in PLEX then? My encoding process has not changed in Handbrake, other than updating the program, but it is doing it with a lot of my movies. I’m not sure exactly how many, but either I’m doing something wrong, or something in PLEX has changed. I am not sure exactly what’s going on though, I wish I knew more about it. Any other suggestions I can try, or a different workflow I need to do, or extra steps I need to take, or maybe steps I am taking that I should not be?


Also, the second SRT file(Created By Khaled-Klz) was not the result of converting one of the SUP files. That may or may not matter just saying cause the subtitle timing may be off.

It does seem like you SUP files are infact not resizing(as expected). PGS subs do not play well if the video resolution doesn’t match.

I converted your SUP to IDX/SUB. Try these and see if that fixes your issue with Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 (2014) 2.7z (1.7 MB) Big Hero 6 (2014) 3.7z (1.4 MB)


The .srt file was an external one I downloaded, and tried both embedding into the file, putting through Subtitle Edit, and playing externally. Maybe I misunderstood what you were asking. So with these new files, should I be replacing the pgs ones from the original Blu-ray in MKV Toolnix, then remuxing it, then putting it through Handbrake, right, or is there a different solution? Just want to make sure I’m on the same page. :slight_smile:


The files I uploaded should be embedded on the finished “ready to add to plex and play” MKV. There is no need to keep the original pgs files unless you want to keep to compare and make sure all is well… If you want to include them before handbrake I suppose you could but I think that will take much longer to do…Remuxing a 25GB file takes longer than a 900MB file. But that’s up to you. Just remember when you remux the IDX file to set your language(since you’re already there, lol)


I’m sorry, I’m confused. I have the original .mkv file I ripped from my Blu-ray, it is 20.2 GB. I had then compressed it, and changed it into an .mp4 file, that is 2.17 GB, which I use in Plex. Should I add these new files into the original with MKVToolnix, or the .mp4 file? If I do it in MKVToolnix, how can I avoid remuxing the 20 GB file? I feel like I am missing something simple. Sorry to add to the confusion.


OK, apparently, I’m an idiot, didn’t realize I could do that in MKVToolnix for the .mp4 file. It left it being encoded twice, but I can go back and fix it. The bottom line is that that fixed the giant subtitles. So, what is the process I need to do, to avoid/fix/circumvent this problem for all my other movies? If I need to re-rip them, it is not a big deal. The current process is basically rip the movie into an .mkv with MakeMKV, including all desired audio and subtitle tracks; Label in MKVToolnix; Encode/compress in Handbrake. However, at some point, I need to get the idx/sup files it looks like, and I’m not sure where/how to do that step. Is there some advice or suggestions you can give to me, to help with new ones in the future, and also to fix the existing ones?

Thanks for everyone’s help!


If you want to keep the idx/sub or sup subtitles, use MKV instead of mp4. From your screenshots above it looks like the issue occurs only with mp4 files.


Personally, I couldn’t care less what format I use, up until just now, I’d never heard of idx/sup subtitles. On the test, I added them to the file with MKVToolnix, and re-encoded it to an .mp4 file, and it fixed the issue on the Big Hero 6 test, but I’m not sure how to get them, and I’m not sure if it is happening with .mkv files too, I can test, and let you know. I can put the .idx files into Subtitle Edit, and do the OCR, but how do I get the files in the first place?